Siddhi Dhata Center For Psychological Wellness & Holistic Health

Nanda Kishore Reddy., (Managing Director  & Trainer)

SiddhiMind.com  is a place where psychological problems are understood, diagnosed and treated in an effective and confidential setting. The approach is more educative and informative than most, providing information on psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counseling while preventing and eradicating psychological problems even before they begin. Efforts are made to overcome the confusion and stigma associated with psychological / mental health problems as well as to help to alleviate distress, promote psychological well being and contribute to positive personality development.

Note: Home visits also provided.

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Siddhi Dhata Center For Psychological Wellness & Holistic Health 

Online Counselling / Therapy is also provided.For more information please write at  sd.mind@yahoo.in           

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Siddhi Dhata Center For Psychological Wellness & Holistic Health
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Dr. Nanda Kishore Reddy
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Online Treatment

Online TreatmentOnline patient in California being treated by Dr. Kishore